English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)


English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) – This Committee represents the interests of English Learners. The ELAC makes recommendations to the SSC for allocation of Title III funds for students identified as English Learners. The ELAC monitors the implementation of programs and involves parents in meaningful ways that help increase language and achievement.





 August 30, 2022



 April 14, 2022


 January 27, 2022

 Agenda Minutes

 November 18, 2021

 Agenda  Minutes
 September 9, 2021  Agenda  Minutes


Imagine Learning Presentation - November 18, 2021 (click here)


Committee Members

Ofelia Matsubara -DAC/DELAC Parent Representative 


Rosie Ulloa - ELL Aide


Delia Diaz-Ornelas - Dual Language Immersion Coordinator


Erika Alamo - Associate Principal