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Discovery Fall 2023 Clubs Informational Meeting


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   Discovery Charter's Management Structure  

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OoTM News and Information


Here are the links to the OoTM presentation and Robotics info slides.

OoTM Info

OoTM Pics/Vids from current teams for better visual and understanding of what OoTM is all about:

Robotics Club Info (Launching in Aug. 2022):

Robotics Competition Teams: after students complete 1 session of Robo Learning League (a noncompeting club), they are eligible to try out for one of our robotics competition teams.



Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM) teaches students how to develop and use their natural creativity to become problem-solvers. Imagine being faced with a problem that requires an original solution. It can be frightening. Now imagine not being afraid to solve that problem – that is what team members learn. This skill and self-confidence will carry over to all areas of their lives. OOTM brings the classroom to life as students apply what they learn and combine it with their interests and passions to solve the unique open-ended problems in a competition format. OOTM also emphasizes teamwork, budgeting, time management, public speaking, art, and engineering. This international program is designed to help students at all learning levels grow as individual learners, grow as team members, and to reach their full potential.

Discovery's 4 Teams and their regional scores/ state scores:
4th and 5th grade - 2nd at regionals, 3rd at state 
6th grade- 3rd at regionals , 6th at state 
7th grade- 5th at regionals, 8th at state
8th grade- 1st at regionals, 3rd at state


**Our student teams are made up of artists and engineers and EVERYTHING you see here was made by the teammates from scratch as the competition rules require NO ADULTS can assist with ANYTHING.


**2 of our teams qualified to go to Ames, Iowa to representing Discovery at the WORLD Championships. 

OOTM Team Photo

 We SO PROUD of our middle school and all the things they have accomplished to make our school safe and inclusive for all during such a tough year. 

No Place for Hate Image

Transitional Kinder 

Discovery will be providing Transitional Kinder on-site for the 24-25 school year!!!




TK Registration

Covid Clinic Weekly Testing

Testing starts February 7th  and will continue each week on Mondays.

Discovery, in partnership with our district and COVID Clinic, will be holding weekly testing for our students every Monday.  Only students whose parents have registered them and given permission through the covid clinic email will be tested. The weekly testing will be conducted during school hours, class by class once a week. If you registered your child but have changed your mind, please complete the consent form below to opt-out:


If you have not yet but would like to register your student for weekly testing please visit:


FREE at home COVID-19 test are available now to order here: